2019 Kentucky Oaks Results
Result Time Horse Trainer Jockey
1 1:50.17 Serengeti Empress T. Amoss J. Ortiz
2 Liora W. Catalano C. Hill
3 Lady Apple S. Asmussen R. Santana, Jr.

There are millions of horseracing enthusiasts following Kentucky Oaks competition throughout the whole world. In fact, if the results from analysts are anything to go by, the race is said to be the third most popular horse race in the world. The audience of the event is only surpassed by the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness stakes. With the popularity of the race, you can expect several sources where you can attain information regarding the race. Read on where you can get Kentucky Oak results.

There are several sites dealing with compiling results of popular sports events such as the Kentucky Oaks competition. Whenever you need the results, you can call the site for an update. Once you are connected to the operator, request for sports; Kentucky Oaks results and the particular year you need. The service is normally free and hassle free since you get reliable information and without delay. Apart from the present year winner, you can get results of several years back.

Subscribe to horse racing magazines dealing with compiling information on thoroughbred horses. You will find a number of magazines that deals entirely on thoroughbred horse racing events. The magazines normally publish the results in either June or may issue depending on how often the journals are published. Other magazines have Kentucky Oaks results coverage that can be viewed free in their site.

The results of the horse racing event are uploaded in Kentucky oaks website. You can login in the site for an update of the last contest.

Another reliable source you can find the Kentucky Oaks results is from Kentucky Oaks blog. The blog is hosted by Kentucky Oaks website. Getting the results from the blog is advantageous since you will also get to read the commentaries of other horse racing enthusiasts. You can also add your comment regarding the race as you go through what other fans had to say about the race. Blogs are a rich source of information for fans who have missed the event.

A visit to the Churchill Downs Museum will give you an opportunity to spin the time machines which allows you to have a preview of Kentucky Oaks results from as early as 1918 to the most recent.